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View of the life-raft compartment deployed.
A self-propelled life-raft with a survivor-seeking head (see article in the magazine Bateau 7/2005).
On oil-platforms, freighters and trawlers (also ocean-racing yachts) the rapid recuperation of a persons overboard is out of the question.
This electrically-propelled ‘torpedo’ is designed to be launched to locate and pick up survivors, sheltering them until a full rescue operation can be carried out.
Aboard the parent vessel is a sensor that is activated by a man falling overboard; it then automatically launches the torpedo.
The torpedo makes its way automatically towards the man who has a distress beacon. On reaching the man the torpedo slows down and circles him close enough to let him grab its rail and activate the life-raft compartment opening release.
Length : 2.00 m
Diameter : 0.40 m
Weight : 127 Kg
Rescue torpedo